Corporate Strategic Planning and Management

MISI has been called upon by many clients to provide independent, outside advice to corporations seeking new ventures or product lines and to help formulate corporate strategic plans. In addition, MISI has completed a number of management audits, having been specifically tasked to critique current operations and to provide advice and recommendations on improved management performance and profitability. Major projects include:
  • Assessment of the hardware, software, and information management after-sales consulting services market during the 1990s in the energy and environmental areas, for IBM

  • Evaluation and revision of the strategic plan of the Commonwealth Edison Company

  • Economic and energy analysis support work and special projects for Peabody Energy

  • Assessment and critique of a $2 billion corporate energy technology acquisition, for Lockheed Martin

  • Management audit of the implementation of legislatively mandated utility deregulation, for the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities

  • Assistance to a major U.S. corporation in the acquisition of smaller firms to form a healthcare management consulting practice

  • Analysis of the markets for environmental, renewable energy, fossil energy, and energy efficiency programs, for the Electric Power Research Institute

  • Assistance to the clients of major U.S. banks and financial institutions in strategic planning, venture capital decision-making, and business case analysis in the energy and environmental areas

  • Development of a business plan for a new venture, for the Biotechnology Industry Organization

  • Preparation of a green IT business development strategy in the USA, for a major Japanese corporation

  • Management audit of the energy efficiency and renewable energy programs of the Potomac Electric Power Company, for the Washington, D.C. Public Service Commission

  • Collaboration with J.D. Power & Associates in the first independently funded customer satisfaction survey of electric and gas utilities

  • Assessment of the business case for a coal to liquids plant, for the Battelle Corporation

  • Analysis of the implications for Wisconsin manufacturing industries of the increasing use of natural gas for electricity generation in the state, for Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce