Legislation/Program Assessment and Cost-Benefit Analysis

MISI has experience in understanding and analyzing detailed budgets and accounts as well as examining expenditure patterns dating back a half-century or more. Typically, MISI will also compare the costs incurred to the benefits accrued. Major projects include:
  • Estimation of the likely economic, labor market, energy, and environmental impacts of NAFTA, for the White House

  • Analysis of the costs, results, and prospective benefits of U.S. Department of Energy R&D programs, for the National Academy of Sciences

  • Study of industry standards and cost estimating procedures for use in designing interventions for chemical, biological, and radiological (CBR) control in U.S. Department of Defense buildings, for the U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory

  • Analysis of the economic and jobs impact of climate change legislation, for the Western Business Roundtable

  • Simulation of the economic, social, and demographic effects of proposed federal energy and environmental legislation, for the Center for Energy and Economic Development

  • Analysis and assessment of the economic impact of military facilities on the local economy and the formulation of Enchroachment Control Plans, for the U.S. Marine Corps

  • Assessment of the economic impacts of RCRA-related solid waste and hazardous waste disposal programs, for ICF, Inc.

  • Evaluation of current and proposed environmental legislation on the U.S. coal industry, for the National Coal Council

  • Analysis of federal government incentives for energy sources and the return on investment, for the Nuclear Energy Institute

  • Analysis of the relationship between building energy standards, economics, and the indoor air environment, for the Building Diagnostics Research Institute

  • Assessment of the economic and employment implications of aggressive programs to address climate change and global warming, for the Office of Al Gore

  • Analysis of the U.S. Navy and U.S. Army Base Relocations and Closing (BRAC) process and property disposal mechanisms

  • Estimation of the direct and indirect economic and jobs impacts of NASA programs, for NASA

  • Assessment of the costs and benefits of expanded utilization of coal resources in the western U.S., for the NextGen Energy Council