MISI staff has been involved in economic, energy, and environmental forecasting for over 30 years. With a strong background in data sources and data mining, combined with in-house economic, environmental, energy, and employment regional and national models, MISI is called upon to provide clients with independent and unbiased forecasts and analyses. Major projects include:
  • Forecasts, annually since 1986, of detailed estimates of the economic effects on the nation and each state of environmental and energy efficiency programs -- with forecasts currently made through 2020

  • Assessment of the accuracy and implications of long-range U.S. energy forecasts made over the past half-century, for the RAND Corporation

  • Forecasts of the likely impact of the Kyoto Protocol on the U.S. economy, labor markets, and energy requirements, for the Federal government and private sector clients

  • Forecasts and analyses of the electric utility industry, for the Edison Electric Institute

  • Forecasts of the economic and jobs impacts of the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries, for the American Solar Energy Society

  • Forecasts through 2010 of the pollution abatement and control market in the U.S. and its impact on industry profits and sales, for A. D. Little

  • Forecasts of the labor market for Ph.D.s, for the National Science Foundation

  • Analysis and critique of the short-term petroleum products econometric forecasting models of the U.S. Energy Information Administration

  • Forecasts of the U.S. jobs and employment by detailed industry, occupation, and region, for the American Management Association

  • Forecasts of the potential market penetration of Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES) technologies, for the Raytheon Corporation

  • Forecasts of the economic, industrial, and jobs impacts of initiatives to achieve U.S. energy security and independence by 2025, for the Southern States Energy Board